Made to measure - Made in Italy

Made-to-Measure, or personal tailoring, describes a practice where a garment is constructed according to the individual specifications of a client to best suit their taste and needs. This type of tailoring gives one the opportunity to choose the trims, fabrics and details on the garments yourself, achieving an individual and highly personalized look while it also takes into account your individual requirements in order to best flatter the your silhouette.


The process is initiated by a consultation where the client is assisted in customizing the garment which they'd like to order by choosing the details, fabrics and trims used to best suit their needs. All the fabrics used at the Nicky Wallace studio are the highest quality, 100% natural cloth all sourced from Italy such as extra fine wools, kid mohairs, linens, cottons and silks.

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All the garments are Made in Italy, and carefully put together by small groups of Italian Artisans

using traditional techniques to the highest quality standards.


  • My Pret a Porter (Ready to Wear) Collections are also manufactured in Italy not only for the highest possible quality that I can offer my clients, but also because I believe in Fair Trade.
  • My Artisan families are known personally to me, having worked with them for many years.
  • They are paid good rates for their work which makes their industry sustainable.
  • They work with passion as I do, in order to bring you the client the best possible quality garment.
  • I work with smaller production which also guarantees exclusive items for you the esteemed customer.